Story Summaries & Reviews

Never Wake – Book #0…

Collection of 4 short stories about some favorite characters in the Meridian Wanderings Universe & answers to some of the most asked questions. This version of Never Wake is also a Grown-Up coloring book, featuring a page to color for every page of story. (Available in Audio book format)

For fans of Sci-Fi & Fantasy.

Book #0 Reviews


Queen Of The World – Royal Seasons: Book 1of 4…

Welcome to the lives of three unlikely heroes… Jen, an unhappily married botanist, Julie, a blunt antisocial recluse, and Jasper, a lonely drag performer. One by one they mysteriously vanish from the earth realm and find themselves entangled in an otherworldly plot to overthrow the current benevolent ruler.

Along the way each must face their past in order to sidestep the treacherous hand of Fate. It will require all their skills to survive and establish a secure place in a strange world filled with magic, monsters, new allies and dangerous evil forces.

Join the trio as they learn what binds them together. Uncover exactly who’s behind a conspiracy in the land of Fairie. Find out what turns three ordinary humans into champions and discover just what it takes to become… “Queen of the World

For fans of High Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary Humans in Low Tech/Magical situations and fish-out-of-water stories.

Book #1 Reviews


The Prince Collector – Royal Seasons: Book 2 of 4…

A lost Snow Elf huntress finds herself on Earth… in the year 2013.

Long forgotten creatures from Fairie are searching for a portal out of this world… before it closes forever.

The government has been capturing mystical beings, aliens and anything else they can get their hands on, while Their enigmatic leader has known of the existence of other realms for years…

Past villains return, new alliances are formed, love is lost and found. On a journey to escape Earth, betrayal and secrets hide around every corner.

Time is of the essence when shadows obscure… The Prince Collector

For fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Road-trips and Fairy-tale creatures on Earth stories.

Book #2 Reviews


Princess Way – Royal Seasons: Book 3 of 4…

On Earth, 1997 was a more carefree time…

When a group of humans sail toward the Bermuda Triangle to film a documentary, they’re shocked when their ship passes through the mystical barrier that leads out of their world… The humans are even more shaken to learn one of their crew is a Changeling…

The Fairy woman must quickly earn the trust of her companions in order to help them survive Torrents Sway… where dangerous islands and dimensional energy tunnels crisscross just outside of time and reality.

Hope, teamwork and a bit of luck mark… “The Princess Way

For fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Dimensional Travel.

Book #3 Reviews


King Seized – Royal Seasons: Book 4 of 4…

Ancient villains plan the capture and control of Fairie…

Worlds collide when magic is let loose through every dimension and the heroes of the realm unite…

Final battles and apocalyptic visions draw together the threads of the final Royal Seasons tale… Nothing is certain and no one is safe…

From the vantage point of the sky city of Altorine, evil reigns with the power of the captured Sirens, stolen wishes and shaky allegiances…
The warriors of good must push aside jealously, love and dreams… or the future of everything will be…
King Seized

For fans of High Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Contemporary Humans in Low Tech/Magical situations.

Book #4 Reviews


Time’s Fable (#5) Khronomagic Arrhythmia: Book 1 of 2…

It’s never too late to find yourself, especially if you have a Time Machine. Tara Naughton has spent her entire life in a world where the release of magic has drastically changed the playing field. It seems as if everyone on Earth is clamoring to be famous or standing in the shadows of larger than life heroes or otherworldly monsters. What’s a person to do when they feel as if they were born in the wrong time? You’d think the answer would come easy when your favorite Uncle creates a Pocket Dimensional Time Transport. Is finding your place in life really about the destination or the strange journey you take to get there? Perhaps reality is simply…Time’s Fable?

For fans of Time Travel, Sci-Fi, History and Dimensional Travel.

Book #5 Reviews


Soul Wars (#6) Khronomagic Arrhythmia: Book 2 of 2…

Reeling from the loss of one of their closest friends, a group from Fairie must track down the rogue apprentice of a mage’s triad before he can wreak havoc on anyone else. During the manhunt, the ghosts of Soul World learn just how connected they are to the mysterious ore that binds their spirits to a distant alien world. Loose ends are tied, threads unravel, and the stage is set for love and loss in the second and final part of the Khronomagic Arrhythmia story-line. Can you truly live if you find that it’s possible to die more than once? You can only seek the truth in your heart when the Soul Wars.

For fans of High Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Aliens and Dimensional Travel.

Book #6 Reviews


Thy Order Nocturnal (#7) Earth Mages: Book 1 of 3…

In the near future, Earth is changed by the introduction of chaotic, magical energy. Over the course of 30 years, some humans have developed extraordinary abilities. Now, in 2059, these individuals have been grouped together with other strange creatures by the United World Government and drafted to fight supernatural forces that threaten to destroy our altered planet but the delicate balance achieved by the Earth Mages may come to an end if the secret forces pulling the strings are brought to light. Thy Order Nocturnal is a perfect Science Fiction adventure story and jumping on point in the Meridian Wanderings book series by Kira Cul’tofay. (Available in Audio book format)

For fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic Books, Super Heroes, Aliens and new jumping on points. Featuring foreword by Chris Clow of & full character Bio-sheets w/pics.

Book #7 Reviews


Sun Under Stone (#8) Earth Mages: Book 2 of 3…

In the near future, Earth is changed by the introduction of chaotic magical energy. Over the course of 30 years, some humans have developed extraordinary abilities. Welcome to Sun Under Stone! Now, in 2059, these individuals have been grouped together with other strange creatures by the United World Government and drafted to fight supernatural forces that threaten to destroy our altered planet. Through change, loss, fame and personal conflict, one team remains the first line of defense against the monsters of a modern world.

For fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic Books, Super Heroes, Aliens and new jumping on points. Featuring artwork by Kevin McCoy, Tobias Gebhardt & Mark “Monstark” Thompson. (Available in Audio book format)

Book #8 Reviews


Fate’s Idle Star (#9) Earth Mages: Book 3 of 3…

In the near future, life on Earth is transformed by the introduction of chaotic magical energy. Over the course of 30 years, some humans have developed extraordinary abilities. A year has passed for the team of magic-altered humans and their strange companions. 2060 brings even more changes and challenges to the lives of these heroes. While some teammates grow closer together, others drift apart. Fame, illness, break-ups, loss, departures and deaths mark book 3 of the 3 part Earth Mages tale. Can the group survive new and powerful threats that seek to rip apart the fragile existence humanity has built? Fates Idle Star wraps up the latest Meridian Wanderings story line by Kira Cul’tofay and sets the stage for even more amazingly unique Sci-Fi adventures published by

For fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic Books, Super Heroes, Aliens, Dimensional Travel and new jumping on points. Featuring artwork by Kevin McCoy, Tobias Gebhardt & Mark “Monstark” Thompson. (Available in Audio book format)

Book #9 Reviews


Battle For Night Glory (#10)…

In this remarkable Sci-Fi Fantasy tale by author Kira Cul’tofay, an ancient darkness has begun to wage a war against the realm of Fairie that threatens to bleed across dimensions to Earth. Can a handful of displaced, magic-altered humans, with superhero-like abilities and a ragtag group of elven creatures prevent both worlds from falling? Characters from the Earth Mages story line, as well as Royal Seasons, join with some newcomers to take on the vile Rex Regina and previously unknown darklings from the forbidden Fairie continent of Ba’el-Fo’ah. Battle for Night Glory is novel #10 in the Meridian Wanderings science fiction fantasy book series… but this action adventure saga can be read as a stand-alone tale. Sci-Fi fantasy book fans and critics alike rave at the compelling story-lines Cul’tofay seamlessly weaves with a rich tapestry of dark fantasy characters and stunning scenes of truly unique visions that we’ll keep you wanting more!

For fans of High Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comic Books, Super Heroes, Aliens, Dark Fairies, Stand-Alone tales and new jumping on points. (Available in Audio book format)

Book #10 Reviews


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